The Designed Realities Studio is a research and teaching unit led by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby at The New School in New York. Through practice-led research and project-based teaching, it aims to integrate theory and practice into concrete responses to the complex fusion of politics and technology shaping today’s social realities.

The studio is a place for interdisciplinary imagining that combines design with social thought and the liberal arts to synthesize ideas from political science, anthropology, literature, and philosophy into different ways of seeing the world, made tangible through design. It draws on historical and contemporary research into utopias, dystopias and heterotopias; what ifs and as ifs; hypotheses, thought experiments and reductio ad absurdum; counterfactuals and uchronia, to stimulate new thought and further imagining about the kind of world(s) people wish to live in rather than prescribing any one vision for how things will, or should be.

This website serves as an ideas sketchbook for work in progress by us, our students and collaborators, with occasional detours into projects and texts.

The unit operates on a number of levels: collaborative research projects, commissions, self-initiated projects, and taught studio classes, all disseminated through talks, exhibitions and publications.

For more information or to discuss possible collaborations and projects, please contact:

Designed Realities Studio
Parsons School of Design
The New School
2 West 13th Street, Room 1012A
New York, NY 10011