The Archive of Impossible Objects is a platform for exploring different systems of reality that stretch our imaginations in ways that not only help us imagine how things could be otherwise, but also, how the way we think about reality might change. Impossible in this context means within our own narrow sense of what we deem real, or unreal.

There are other ‘reals’ that allow very different possibilities to exist — literature, the edges of science, non-western cultures and ontologies, and philosophy. As for objects, here we are thinking more about models than products or prototypes. Models as ideas made concrete, physical proxies for other realities, impossibilia, abstracta and ontological oddities.

This workshop was a space to discuss, share and explore ideas along these lines and to think about how such a space might exist in a society, what it might contain, and how it is made accessible to different publics. During the workshop we developed proposals for new impossible objects that expanded the archive

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